Square Burial 11/09/11

The magazine was finally laid to rest in a pizza box at a small, private ceremony in the owner's back garden. Several people had been invited, but in the event, it was a quiet affair.

First to arrive were John Brookes, plus girlfriend, Kate. Despite offers of alcohol, the couple stuck to drinking tea. Not long after, Square favourites, Sue Hamblen and David Foster Morgan joined the throng, each laden with beer.
As is often his way, John was not keen to stay long, so for his benefit, we proceeded with the burial process soon afterwards. John's gardening skills came in handy, after Square editor, Fisk, struggled somewhat in digging a hole for the box. Once this task was completed however, the box was placed inside, the hole was covered up, and a few words were muttered as John knelt beside the grave in reverence.

John and Kate then left, allowing the non tea drinkers to set about becoming intoxicated. Former Square writers' group member Shelagh, along with husband Rob also joined the party, before latecomers Lloyd Robson, Tim Gold and Mark Williams were welcomed.

Upon their arrival, the "special treat" was brought out. Much to the delight of those intent on getting still more drunk, this turned out to be a bottle of the Danish beverage, Fisk. A round of shots was consumed, before another round, and in no time at all the indulgent purchase was emptied, as each member of the party had their full of Fisk, some enjoying it, although Fisk himself found the drink not to his taste.
There was a break from the revelry to allow various among those assembled to read a poem. Mark's exceptional reading was greeted with especial enthusiasm. A drunken David was kept awake during Lloyd's reading only by his own frequent hiccupping.
Gradually, as the evening wore on, people stumbled back into the night, having happily feasted on square sandwiches, square chocolate brownies, beer, wine and Fisk, until there was just Fisk himself, and friend, Stuart Perriman who was eventually left snoring on the settee. A good night had been had, the magazine had been buried, and Fisk was left to ponder on the relative merits of the magazine, the fun he had had in producing it, and the various friends he had made along the way. Thanks to all who came, and to all those who couldn't make it, but once contributed to the magazine, thanks also.